Welcome to the upload page for @Elegantndelux!

Quickstart Guide:

  1. Choose a package.
  2. Upload your pictures.
  3. Pay via PayPal.
  4. Read the email confirmation we sent you.


We promise you will gain more than 500 new followers for every shoutout we do. This is why we offer a full refund, if you gain less than what we promise!


We will find a good spot for your picture, and share your first picture on our account within 24 hours after the payment has been made!


Your pictures and your profile will be exposed to a huge amount of people. We currently have more than 80.000 followers!


Terms & Conditions

1. Since Elegantndelux offers non-tangible irrevocable goods (promotions), you agree that after the purchase is made you cannot cancel/stop or remove any actions that this initiated. You understand that by purchasing any promotions with Elegantndelux this decision is final and you will not be able to reserve it unless we fail to meet the stated guarantees.

2. We offer a refund if we fail to get you the guaranteed number of followers within the promised days after the full promotion process has been completed. Guarantees:

500 followers before 7 days for the $39.00 package.

1.500 followers before 14 days for the $79.00 package.

3.500 followers before 20 days for the $159.00 package.

3. We cannot guarantee that all the followers you gain will be / or will stay active (i.e. liking your pictures, commenting on your pictures) Since we have no control over your future posts. Followers may change their mind and unfollow your profile after a while. While this doesn’t occur often, it still is possible and we do not refund in this case.